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Hello Yogis & Friends!

My sincere hope is that you are all well, happy and practicing patience….deep breaths seem to help with that 😉❤️.

As I am sure most of you would expect, the Spring session of Yoga that was to start on April 8th at the Sauble Beach Medical Clinic Building is postponed till further notice.

To be very honest I was having a really hard time working through that…the Spring session is something I REALLY look forward to, a new beginning of sorts and more importantly my opportunity to reconnect with all of you lovely, amazing souls. I miss our hugs, our great discussions and you! But of course your well being and safety is of the utmost importance to me so we will wait…no problem. Let’s look forward to less stressful, unfettered days…perhaps look forward to a yoga class at the Oliphant Pavilion? 😀❤️

I have been in self isolation here in Florida for the last 17!! (and counting) days, little trips to the grocery store and back. Will be heading home in the next few days and then of course will be quarantining for 14 more. I most certainly have been practicing patience and taking deep breaths.😄

Look for an email from me in the near future…I’ll be trying (gulp) to share some yoga with you online so we can stay connected, check out yoga with Elaine on You Tube for now. In the mean time, if I can help in any way…reach out, I’m here.

Remember that love, compassion, kindness and a positive attitude are also Very contagious…we will get through this together.

Virtual Big Hugs to you all ❤️ Elaine

Well, that’s it for now Yogis! As always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out.
www.saublebeachyoga@gmail     519 379-5090 Cell & Text.

Namaste, Elaine

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