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I’m So Glad You’re Here!

Helping You Seek Peace In The Busy Modern World

Hello Sauble Beach Yogis!

I Hope this Finds You All Well & Happy.

First Of All, Look For the Late Spring/Summer Schedule at The Oliphant Pavilion to Be Posted Late April Early May 2021.

Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control Classes Will Resume Later In the Spring Than Usual. It Will Be a Spring/Summer Session Filled With Offerings For Everyone and Some Special Events!

So…2020 and so far 2021 hasn’t been Easy for Anyone,
Including Sauble Beach Yoga.

Instead of just throwing open the doors to the studio as usual and ALL students are Welcome…a book your spot, reservation type “system” had to implemented. 

A Learning Curve for Me for Sure!
I appreciate your Patience with all of that and SO appreciate those who cancelled (when you had to) well ahead of time so as to offer your fellow yogi on the wait list an opportunity to practice. So very kind and  selfless!

I have never been so proud of the Sauble Beach Yoga Community…
and YES we are certainly a community…no doubt about that.
Don’t forget you raised the biggest contribution to date for the Food Bank Fund this Summer totaling $3,000!!!

You have stuck by me and each other during this very interesting time. Lifting each other up and offering a safe place to be yourself, share a laugh or two and maybe a tear or two as well. We had a chance to connect and to create,  as one student put it, “A place to just feel normal for a while.”

Never forget you are the light & power behind Sauble Beach Yoga and I promise I won’t waste that positive energy when we come back together in the Late Spring.

So yeah, I guess that’s it…I just wanted to write something to express my profound gratitude to you all, (I couldn’t do it without you)

and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

If it’s in your power today to make someone happy, do it…the world needs much, much more of that.


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