Welcome to Sauble Beach Yoga

I’m So Glad You’re Here!

Classes Will Be Suspended Till Spring of 2022

I Hope To See You All Then!

In The Mean Time…..

This is NOT the time to turn on each other. It is never the time to do that. Stop the divide. Come together with compassion, empathy, understanding, patience and forgiveness. Take a moment to listen without judgement. Take time to see where the others are coming from. Everyone is doing their best. Lashing out and placing blame will only make things worse. Shaming is not the way to change someone’s mind. Understanding why and having compassion is our only choice.

Wishing You All Much Love & Light
And If It’s In Your Power To Make Someone Happy Today,
Please DO IT…The World Needs Much, Much More Of That.

All The Very Best To You
Take Care, Elaine.